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Teacher Cadet: Week Three

This week was very interesting/exciting for me. Although I have been counting down the days until graduation which is really the only reason I go to school.  ;P

We had two read aloud again this week, one from Trayonna and the other from Jacquie.

Trayonna read “Making New Friends” by The Clever Factory, Inc. on September 6th

ISBN: 978-1-592-77067-0

I thought that this book would be golden for first graders. It is genuinely about a cat that is talking about the many friends that she has. This book can be used to teach basic rhyming words and maybe rhyming schemes if you get lucky. The book is very short and sweet, but also has the opportunity to teach the kids about animals and how different they are. You can teach them what sounds they make, what makes them unique, etc.

Jacquie read “The Tooth Book” by Dr. Seuss on September 6th also.

ISBN: 0-7172-6750-4

This book is also geared towards younger minds. It can be used in an elementary setting and can teach students about different sizes, animals, and geological appearances. In the book it showed a person with thirty-two teeth. I can interpret that as you should take care of yourself. You can probably also teach tooth “etiquette” to enrich young minds to take care of their teeth. Like the book says, you only get two sets. This is overall a very good and entertaining book, so I believe you will be able to keep the attention spans of anyone you are reading it to.

We did a lot this week, despite there was no school Monday due to Labor Day.

Mrs. Sanderson was not there Tuesday, and our substitute fell asleep. So we took the Self-esteem test that was based on the articles that we read the week before. It was planned for us to take anyways, and then I went and took senior pictures. After she got back the next day we had a brief discussion about not texting her during school because we would have gotten in trouble, so I am glad we decided against it. Being the good students we are, we needed to find out what we needed to do though.

After the discussion we were graced with the presence of an Admission counselor from Francis Marion University, because that is who the course is through. We learned about the life of the college student, tuition costs, fees, and scholarships. She chatted us all up and we filled out some paper work for enrollment, and then she left. It was a sad time. But then Mrs. Sanderson was all like “Y’all have a Realizing My Powers essay due Friday!!”, so we were all like ughhh….  But wait! I also remember us arguing with our teacher about doing the “High Pot” activity. We were all like, we have fifteen minutes left of class, we have time. But she was all like no we don’t, and that carried on until the bell. We all love her anyways J

Thursday rolls around and we finally get to do the “Pot That Nobody Watches” activity. It was alright, I realized I put more heart into what I wrote than others did. I want us to do this activity again, just to see what the students would say about each other now that they have the little “boosts” that they got last week. After that we had our read aloud. We also did a learning pyramid, which was what percentage students remember from learning styles. It was very interesting, because the way Mrs. Sanderson explained it made a whole lot of sense.

Friday was a big day, we took a little self-assessment on Learning Styles and we found out what our strongest learning style was. I think mine was a little off just because of the questions that were on the sheet. We also discussed Multiple Intelligences and we did a texting activity. The texting activity addressed kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning all in one. The auditory was just her reading what showed up on the smart board, but I think that it would hold a lot more students’ attention if this was a concept taken into consideration with education. At the end of class, we had a big discussion about what to include in our blogs and we wrote down every little nook and cranny of what went down in class last week.

My learning experience last week was a lot to take in. I agree that I am lucky to have a class like Teacher Cadet, because I am getting experience and help that not a lot of other students are receiving.

I read an article online about how students make five common mistakes in scholarships. There are really two different articles, but they both tie into one another. I don’t know why it wasn’t just posted together.

The Main problem is that students ignore instructions and do not pay attention to deadlines. Scholarship awards are very competitive and it only takes one small mistake for an application to be rejected.

1)      Some students only apply for Private Scholarships

2)      Applying for too few scholarships

3)      Only taking a week or two to look for scholarships

These three things are also three big no-no’s. Little scholarships can add up to a lot of money if you apply for enough of them. Little scholarships are also less competitive. Just like the FMU admissions counselor said, you might spend an hour or two working on a paper, but if it’s worth three grand, then do it for the long run.

I think that this can open eyes for a lot of high school seniors. In fact, the way the site is designed is to reach out and look intriguing for our age group. I think that students would read and take into consideration what this article is about if they knew it was out there.

My Quote this week is

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

 –Desmond Tutu

I was like “whoa” when I first read this quote. It ties into what we were talking about last week with self-esteem. The little things you do for others can make a difference, and all of those differences change the world. In this day and age, teenagers are a big group of social activists. I got asked to wear yellow tomorrow for suicide awareness, now I don’t know that I own something I would look good in that is yellow. But that’s beside the purpose; I’m going to wear yellow. I am going to do my little bit of good that will overwhelm the world. What does this have to do with education? This quote can teach Morales to children who have none. It can be taken many different ways. You can do good in school, you can make a difference in someone else’s life, you can be that “high-pot” for someone with a “low-pot.” All-in-all, you make a difference, which is the point. Do good, and good will be done to you.

I had a very good observation this week. In choir, there are some people who can flat out sing. They can make you watch in awe, jerk a tear out of my little eye. Anyways, it seems like some other students don’t sing, or don’t sing up to their potential yet. I understand that they might have anxiety or they don’t have that self-esteem yet to sing loud. I enjoy choir, and some days I just can’t hit those notes either yet. I still sing as loud as I confidently can, because you have to show others and be a leader. You need to say “hey, step up to the game.” Our teacher talks about this, but when I am working with kids, I want them to know that they are unique. There is never going to be anyone else like them, and that their voice is beautiful, no matter how it sounds. You aren’t going to confront this type of issue unless you give them some confidence to grow by. Our teacher does give confidence, but it’s like we never have enough time in that class, it just goes by so quickly, we have so much fun. Self-esteem is everywhere, and everyone needs to have it.

My reflections this week are simple. I should not have waited until twelve a.m. the due date of this blog to complete it. I let my procrastination get the better of me and I probably will not go to sleep until two thirty in the morning. That is my fault, and I accept the responsibility. I liked everything I did last week, and I don’t think I can forget what we did. That stuff is here to stay in my mind. We have a lot of work for our college classes, which is ridiculous. One professor hasn’t been in class for a week, so I am not looking forward to Monday. I have had a curved appetite for the past two weeks also, which concerns me. I am not getting bigger, but my pants are getting looser, which is bad. I do have a self-prognosis, but I am afraid of what I am thinking. It may just be overreacting, but oh well. While I typed this entire blog, I had one song on repeat, which is what I usually do for any extended writing assignment I have a home. I wonder why I do that. On a psychological level, it would be nice to know. My last reflection is that this week I had an old friend who I don’t talk to anymore try to bring up old memories. Some of that stuff hurts, but it’s not my fault that we don’t talk.

Chow Chow until next week.. It’s tobyduck17 signing off.


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One thought on “Teacher Cadet: Week Three

  1. Mrs. Sanderson on said:

    Nice job, Kolby! I love, love, love your quote!

    Blog week 3: 100

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